Found Me a House Before it Hit the Market!

"I found Joanna through a common business networking group. She went above and beyond for me in my home-buying quest. The market was very difficult for a home buyer, and she went out of her way to find me the perfect house!!!!! She was very attentive and we had great communication. She's very knowledgeable and had so many great connections and recommendations as the processes went along. I will recommend her highly to anyone that needs a Realtor! She's great!"

- Jen Bronson, Liberty, MO

Smart, Energetic & Hard Working

"Joanna is very smart, energetic and hard working realtor. She is always on time and on point. I am very happy with her service. Highly recommend!"

- Serg Aksenov, Kansas City, MO

You Can Count on Joanna!

"Joanna is a enthusiastic good hearted Realtor. She had helped my growing family find the perfect house to settle our roots. She was pleasant to work with from the start to finish. We are so thankful and blessed to have been able to find her to have her help us find our home. Just contact Joanna with any questions and she will be right there to help you! Still to this day I know I can count on her and that's the kind of quality anyone needs and will find with Joanna Berkebile as their Realtor."

- Christine Mael, Kansas City, MO

Always Looking Out for My Best Interest

"I had the wonderful experience to work with Joanna! As a first time home-buyer it was very scary to buy a house, but she made it very easy and pain-free. She first made sure I was educated in the dynamics of buying a house and the current housing market situation in Kansas City. In finding a house she was always enthusiastic, patient and dedicated to finding me the best house I could have! In closing on the house, she made sure I got the best deal I can get. I felt like she was always honest and always looked out for my best interest. If in the future I need to sell my house, I would work with her again!"

- Liam Higgins, Kansas City, MO

Her Calm and Reasonable Approach Helped Us Succeed in a Tough Buyers Market

"We put Joanna through her paces with our purchase: We bid on approx. 5 houses before we got the right one. Joanna's calm and reasonable approach showed that she is very knowledgeable about all matters real estate. She didn't hesitate to have the uncomfortable conversations we didn't want to have with other Realtors, and made great suggestions and observations. The combination of a great sense of humor and willingness to consider every alternative make for a great Realtor, whom we will employ again!"

- Molly Pagenkopf, Kansas City, MO

She Took the Time to Get to Know Us

"Joanna was everything we could ask for. She took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for. She drove us to several houses and pointed things out to us that we as first time home buyers didn't know. She then fit time into take us to a new listing she had given me on my personalized website she made for us to find homes. That's when we found our house. She walked us through the offer and counter offers until we had got it. Then she got the inspection set up for us. Even though she had to take a small medical leave in the middle of our process of buying our home she made sure to have a back up agent help us at the inspection and was always available by phone. She always was there to answer any questions I had and helped make sure our lenders had everything we needed to close on time. She even got us the most thoughtful gift for our home. She is the best and I strongly recommend her!"

- Sarah Occhipinto, Kansas City, MO

Joanna will Go the Extra Mile

"I would like to invite anyone who is looking to buy a new home to PLEASE CONTACT JOANNA BERKEBILE! Joanna will go that extra mile to make sure that your experience will go smoothly. Joanna is very professional and she makes sure that everything is completed on or before your closing date. My husband Charles and I are very happy in our new home and we know you will be too!"

- Charles and Patricia Ricketts, Kansas City, MO

Her Passion is Helping Others

"If you're looking to sell or buy a home I highly recommend Joanna. Her passion in life is all about helping others. She puts your best interest in front of her own. Thanks Joanna for all your help!"

- Marcello Yracheta, Liberty, MO

Knows Her Stuff!

"A quality person who knows her stuff. She will definitely take care of you throughout the whole process."

- Kevin Hutcheson, Liberty, MO

Recommending Joanna to everyone!

"Anyone who is looking for a realtor in the Kansas City area should definitely go to Joanna! My Husband and I were first time home buyers, and the market at the moment is definitely a seller’s market here. She made what would have been a very stressful and unpleasant experience into a great one! She’s very personable, organized, and is honest with you about what would be a good investment for your family. It’s very refreshing to see a realtor who’s not just in it to make a quick sale, and wants to keep an ongoing relationship with their clients! I will definitely be recommending her to everyone I know who is in need of a realtor!"

- Robyn Valenti, Kansas City, MO